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Product Range

We are manufacturers of high quality molded extruded Rubber industrial goods out of Viton, Silicon, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyle, EPDM, SBR,PBR, Poly urethane & Natural Rubber as per International standards and National standards or as per customers drawing & specification.

We are specified in manufacturers and supplier in quality product in the segment of thermal & Hydel, irrigation & Dam gates(Bulb seals, Z-seals, Bottom seals, Hollow seals etc.,), Naval & dredging(Fenders, Gaskets etc.,),Mining( Side Bars), Construction(Elastomeric Bridge bearing & Bridge joints), Under ground pipelines (Rekha gasket, O-ring etc.,) and all types of Rubber products for pharma. They are known for durability, sturdy construction, and longevity. Understanding distinct requirements of clients, we offer following types of products:

. Elastomeric Bridge Bearing
. Expansion Joints
. Bulb Seals
. Compression Joints
. Musical Note Seal
. Rubber Pad
. Bottom Rubber Seal
. Reka Gasket
. Rubber Liner
. Rubber Fender
. Rubber Gasket
. Z-Seal
. Split Oil Seal
. Viton O-Ring
. Rubber Lining.